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Yu Gi Oh: The Complete Seasons 1-5


Barcode: 5022366591843

  • Format: DVD Box Set
  • Studio: Manga Entertainment
  • Certification: 12
  • Category: Anime
  • Released: 29th October 2018

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  • Description

    All the episodes from the first five seasons of the television animation following a young boy and his friends as they fight evil with magical cards. Season 1 episodes are: 'The Heart of the Cards', 'The Gauntlet Is Thrown', 'Journey to the Duelist Kingdom', 'Into the Hornet's Nest', 'The Ultimate Great Moth', 'First Duel', 'Attack from the Deep', 'Everything's Relative', 'Duel With a Ghoul', 'Give Up the Ghost', 'The Dueling Monkey', 'Trial By Red Eyes', 'Evil Spirit of the Ring', 'The Light at the End of the Tunnel', 'Winning Through Intimidation', 'The Scars of Defeat', 'Arena of Lost Souls: Part 1', 'Arena of Lost Souls: Part 2', 'Double Trouble Duel: Part 1', 'Double Trouble Duel: Part 2', 'Double Trouble Duel: Part 3', 'Face Off: Part 1', 'Face Off: Part 2', 'Face Off: Part 3', 'Shining Friendship', 'Champion Vs Creator: Part 1', 'Champion Vs Creator: Part 2', 'The Night Before', 'Duel Identity: Part 1', 'Duel Identity: Part 2', 'Keith's Machinations: Part 1', 'Keith's Machinations: Part 2', 'Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 1', 'Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 2', 'Yugi Vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium: Part 1', 'Yugi Vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium: Part 2', 'Yugi Vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium: Part 3', 'Yugi Vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium: Part 4', 'Yugi Vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium: Part 5', 'Aftermath', 'The Wrath of Rebecca', 'The Ties of Friendship', 'Legendary Heroes: Part 1', 'Legendary Heroes: Part 2', 'Legendary Heroes: Part 3', 'Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 1', 'Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 2', 'Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 3' and 'Dungeon Dice Monsters: Part 4'. Season 2 episodes are: 'The Mystery Duelist: Part 1', 'The Mystery Duelist: Part 2', 'The Past Is Present', 'Steppin' Out', 'Obelisk the Tormentor', 'Stalked By the Rare Hunters', 'Yugi Vs the Rare Hunter: Part 1', 'Yugi Vs the Rare Hunter: Part 2', 'Espa Roba, the ESP Duelist: Part 1', 'Espa Roba, the ESP Duelist: Part 2', 'The Master of Magicians: Part 1', 'The Master of Magicians: Part 2', 'The Master of Magicians: Part 3', 'Playing With a Parasite: Part 1', 'Playing With a Parasite: Part 2', 'Mime Control: Part 1', 'Mime Control: Part 2', 'Mime Control: Part 3', 'Legendary Fisherman: Part 1', 'Legendary Fisherman: Part 2', 'Double Duel: Part 1', 'Double Duel: Part 2', 'Double Duel: Part 3', 'Double Duel: Part 4', 'The Rescue', 'Friends 'Til the End: Part 1', 'Friends 'Til the End: Part 2', 'Friends 'Til the End: Part 3', 'Friends 'Til the End: Part 4', 'Shadow of a Duel', 'Lights, Camera, Duel', 'Let the Finals Begin!', 'The Dark Spirit Revealed: Part 1', 'The Dark Spirit Revealed: Part 2', 'The Dark Spirit Revealed: Part 3', 'Rage of the Legendary Dragons', 'Awakening of Evil: Part 1', 'Awakening of Evil: Part 2', 'Awakening of Evil: Part 3', 'Awakening of Evil: Part 4', 'Mind Game: Part 1', 'Mind Game: Part 2', 'Mind Game: Part 3', 'A Duel With Destiny: Part 1', 'A Duel With Destiny: Part 2', 'The Tomb-Keeper's Secret', 'Showdown in the Shadows: Part 1' and 'Showdown in the Shadows: Part 2'. Season 3 episodes are: 'A Virtual Nightmare!', 'Isolated in Cyber Space: Part 1', 'Isolated in Cyber Space: Part 2', 'Isolated in Cyber Space: Part 3', 'Freeze Play: Part 1', 'Freeze Play: Part 2', 'Courtroom Chaos: Part 1', 'Courtroom Chaos: Part 2', 'Mechanical Mayhem: Part 1', 'Mechanical Mayhem: Part 2', 'Settling the Score: Part 1', 'Settling the Score: Part 2', 'Noah's Secret', 'Merger of the Big Five: Part 1', 'Merger of the Big Five: Part 2', 'Merger of the Big Five: Part 3', 'Brothers in Arms: Part 1', 'Brothers in Arms: Part 2', 'Brothers in Arms: Part 3', 'Noah's Final Threat: Part 1', 'Noah's Final Threat: Part 2', 'So Close Yet So Far', 'Burying the Past: Part 1', 'Burying the Past: Part 2', 'Back to Battle City: Part 1', 'Back to Battle City: Part 2', 'Back to Battle City: Part 3', 'The Darkness Returns: Part 1', 'The Darkness Returns: Part 2', 'The Darkness Returns: Part 3', 'The Darkness Returns: Part 4', 'Clash in the Coliseum: Part 1', 'Clash in the Coliseum: Part 2', 'Clash in the Coliseum: Part 3', 'Clash in the Coliseum: Part 4', 'Clash in the Coliseum: Part 5', 'Clash in the Coliseum: Part 6', 'Battle for the Bronze: Part 1', 'Battle for the Bronze: Part 2', 'Battle for the Bronze: Part 3', 'The Final Face Off: Part 1', 'The Final Face Off: Part 2', 'The Final Face Off: Part 3', 'The Final Face Off: Part 4', 'The Final Face Off: Part 5', 'One for the Road' and 'Looking Back and Moving Ahead'. Season 4 episodes are: 'A New Evil: Part 1', 'A New Evil: Part 2', 'Legend of the Dragons', 'The Creator Returns', 'Deja Duel!: Part 1', 'Deja Duel!: Part 2', 'An Unexpected Enemy', 'My Freaky Valentine: Part 1', 'My Freaky Valentine: Part 2', 'My Freaky Valentine: Part 3', 'The Challenge', 'Fate of the Pharoah: Part 1', 'Fate of the Pharoah: Part 2', 'Fate of the Pharoah: Part 3', 'Trial By Stone', 'On the Wrong Track: Part 1', 'On the Wrong Track: Part 2', 'On the Wrong Track: Part 3'
  • Product Details

    Directed by Kunihisa Sugishima, Hiroyuki Kakudou
    Additional info Language(s): English, Interactive Menu
    No. of discs 34 disc(s)
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